Reflect & Renew- Be a Leader in 2017-01

How Priorities Can Change in an Instant

By Wendy Woods
In February 21, 2017

This past Tuesday started off like any other workday. I was on a call with some coaching colleagues and didn’t pay much attention to the fire alarm ringing outside. I have heard it many times without any consequence. I’m not sure what prompted me to do so but I finally looked under my blind to find out that the fire alarm was a result of a raging fire at Toronto’s Badminton and Racquet club – one of the oldest private clubs in the city.

I’ve always enjoyed my view overlooking the B and R, as it is known in Toronto, but that day it was terrifying. A million questions went through my mind: What if they couldn’t get the blaze under control? Would any buildings have to be evacuated? Had anyone been injured?

There is nothing like a fire or emergency to get you clear on your priorities. Suddenly every item on my To Do list fell by the wayside as I focussed on the inferno outside my window. I had to let go of trivial frustrations or distractions to zero in on what really mattered in the moment for myself and my business.

This unfortunate event made me realize that all too often we lose sight of our real priorities in both life and career. As a result, we get caught up in unnecessary interruptions, drama and conflict that only dilute our efforts to pursue those critical priorities.

Don’t wait for a fire to get clear on your true priorities. Do it now and keep them top of mind.

NB: A special thanks to Toronto’s fire fighters and other emergency workers for an outstanding job.

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