Watershed Training Solutions’ goal is Making the Workplace Flow for employees, teams and organizations. Our focus is on employee engagement and talent management which are supported with assessments, keynotes, training and coaching. Clients who have benefited from Watershed’s expertise include Ernst & Young, Johnson & Johnson and TD Bank Financial Group.

Watershed draws upon additional training resources based on specific client’s needs.  As a result, we employ the best expertise to meet each client’s requirements.

Why the Name Watershed?

Why the Name Watershed? The word Watershed is multifaceted and dynamic, just like water! The most useful definitions are “a change of course or action” and “an event marking a unique or important change, one on which important developments depends”- and this is exactly what our workshops and coaching sessions achieve. They help you change or take action to help you accomplish your goals- Creating Watershed Moments in the process

Watershed naturally finds its origins in the word Water. Employees, managers and executives can learn a lot from water’s many properties, such as;
Dynamic: changing
Persistent: tenacious
Serene: calm
Flexible: adaptable
Transparent: candid