Colorful bird outside my windows - Shifting perspective brought it into view

Feeling Stuck? Shift Perspective

By Wendy Woods
In November 14, 2017

A few weeks ago, I heard a bird chirping outside my office window.  I looked through the slats in my blinds and searched the tree for the bird.  No luck. I couldn’t see anything. Yet the chirping continued. Curious I checked again but no bird. I was frustrated. I could hear the bird but just couldn’t see it. Finally, I shifted my gaze a few inches higher through the blinds to the top of the tree.  There it was! This gorgeous yellow bird perched outside my window (yes that’s the bird in the picture).

I smiled to myself. How often do we do this in life? We look at a situation, problem or challenge from the same perspective again and again. Basically can ruminate and stay stuck.  As a result, we come up with solutions or strategies that feel limited, compromised and make us feel like there is no positive way out. We start to believe that these narrow options are the only ones available.

The reality is that changing your perspective even slightly can yield new possibilities and opportunities.  That is exactly what I did when I looked a few inches higher through the blinds. Suddenly innovative ideas, compromises, and options you might have missed become available. Changing perspective can also inspire more effective ways of being that support a desire outcome.

Take one of my clients for example. She was feeling stuck in her current career, uncertain, rudderless and like she was moving in circles.  After shifting perspectives, she discovered a new outlook where she was confident, excited about taking on new challenges and motivated to investigate new career options.

What are some simple ways that you can shift perspective and yield more opportunities?

  • Think about the challenge from the perspective of a person you admire (e.g. a family member, a superhero, or someone famous). How would they see it? What would they get you to consider? What would they suggest?
  • Imagine going to a different place in your mind. It could be your favorite vacation spot, café or a calming place in nature. Think of how you feel in that place (e.g. happy, relaxed, supported) and then look at your situation or challenge keeping those words in mind.  What options or ideas are available when you feel happy or relaxed?
  • Use an image (e.g. flowing river), metaphor (e.g. blanket of flowers) or symbol (e.g. peace sign) to identify different perspectives. For example, what is the perspective of a flowing river?

Find it hard to change perspectives on your own? Let’s set up a time to speak to see how I can support you. Email me at for a complimentary conversation.

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