What is productivity? It’s the ability to be consistently efficient and effective given the distractions, interruptions and overload in the current workplace.

Our Productivity workshops include:

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Leverage Brains, Boost Results
Fact: Brain Science reveals that multitasking, interruptions and distractions causes stress, and sends the brain into overload. This session identifies common habits and tendencies that sabotage productivity, and arms participants with proven techniques to sharpen focus.
Results: Increased productivity, creativity and a clearer path for decision making.

Shifting from Overload to Productivity
Are your employees dealing with constant stress, overload and change? Mindfulness has been proven to improve focus, concentration and reduce stress.
Results: Using simple techniques participants experience the benefits of mindfulness and also identify its practical applications for the 24/7 work world.

What is Mindfulness? Simply put: Training attention and awareness in a nonjudgmental way

Mindfulness for Leaders
Leaders from top organizations like Aetna, Google and Sony know mindfulness is a scientifically proven and highly effective workplace tool. This session makes mindfulness accessible for every leader.
Results: Through hands-on practice participants learn the neuroscience of mindfulness and how it reduces stress, reactivity and increases empathy and self-awareness. They will leave with mindfulness techniques to use, quickly and discretely, even in a busy office environment.

“Wendy’s workshop on mindfulness was one of the highlights of the summit. She demystified a topic that is new to so many and allowed us to experience the impact of mindfulness firsthand. I left intrigued and ready to learn more.”

Robin TaubOrganizing Committee, AICPA Women's Global Leadership Summit

“Wendy is a Master of Mindfulness Meditation” “This workshop should become mandatory for managers” “Loved Wendy’s presentation and her high energy”

ParticipantsMeditating for Results Humber College