Programs – Approach

Forward-thinking companies know that applications of Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.), Mindfulness and Resilience produce four key components of a happy, healthy and more productive workplace.

But knowing isn’t the same as doing. Putting it into practice is where many companies, even the forward-thinkers, tend to falter. Fortunately, Watershed can help. And the fix is faster and easier than you might think.

Wendy Woods, M.B.A, is a certified adult educator, mindfulness and emotional intelligence coach, and a sought-after speaker. Her custom-built, hands-on workshops and webinars demystify and detail each of the four key components, which empower participants with ─ first awareness, next skill and lastly an action plan ─ to unleash their potential and ramp up productivity.

While the programs and webinars are available as one-offs, most Watershed clients cap them off with a series of coaching sessions to turn theory into habit-forming practice.

A Watershed workshop makes a lasting impression. Here’s proof:
In the process of setting up for a workshop at a recent conference, Wendy Woods was approached by a woman who said, “Thanks to you and your workshop on Emotional Intelligence, I’ve figured out how to manage a very challenging situation in my life; and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.”

Extremely pleased, Wendy asked the woman when she took the workshop. “Oh, about three years ago,” the woman said. 

Another option, a particularly wise investment for your high potentials is to punctuate each Watershed workshop and webinar with a series of one-on-one coaching sessions with Wendy Woods.