What is it?
Effective one-on-one coaching involves asking thought-provoking questions, and active listening. It’s collaborative and dynamic, and works best when developed over several sessions.

Done right, coaching supports you in your journey, inspiring new ways of thinking and achieving. Coaching produces actionable steps to awaken your dreams and realize your goals.

It’s empowering. It’s transformative.

How we do it
At Watershed we help you tap into your personal power (yes, we all have it).  We support and challenge you to identify and remove the barriers that are holding you back in life and at work,

Together we collaborate ideas and steps to achieve your personal vision and professional goals. Together, we get results.

Watershed helps you reach your potential–and go beyond.

Wendy is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation.

ACC logo Wendy

”As a result of my working with Wendy, I now believe in myself, ask the right questions at the right time and have helped my team embrace change. I would recommend Wendy to any leader looking to take their leadership to the next level”

DeborahSenior Leadership Team, RMHC

“Coaching with Wendy has been transformative. I appreciate her ability to get me to look at myself from different perspectives and question patterns of self doubt while providing tools to shift my mindset. I have a clearer vision of what I want, feel more inspired to achieve it and am taking steps to accomplish it”

RandyVice-President, M & R Holdings

“I worked with Wendy Woods in the capacity of a professional coach and she helped me in countless ways; namely, by inspiring a new perspective around short and long term goals, gaining greater insight into my core values and charting-out a course to achieve my personal/professional aspirations. This has resulted in putting me at ease on many levels; not only in my career, but also in my private life.I have a very high regard for the cornucopia of hard and soft skills Wendy has to offer.”

AnjuliDirector and Co-Founder of Public Art Community Programs, STEPS Initiative

“Wendy made me feel comfortable and her approach helped me identify roadblocks and sustainable solutions. Since working with Wendy, I have more confidence, renewed optimism, and better time management. Plus I have a more positive and collaborative relationship with my staff.”

C.MOptometrist and Clinic Owner

”My one-on-one session with Wendy helped me pinpoint areas where I could make changes. Once I realized that I did have control, I was able to stop thinking of myself as a victim and take control. Wendy helped me brainstorm positive, specific steps that I could take to ease the stress in my life.”

ShannonCertified General Accountant

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Wendy . She challenged me appropriately especially when I needed to remove barriers in order to achieve my goals.

Wendy has a gentle approach that allows you to contemplate each question and exercise to create professional success. In fact, I started to write my book as a result of working together.”

Lee Senior Rehabilitation Therapist, Mental Health and brain Injury

”Wendy helped me take a step back each session from a job and an industry I really wasn't connecting to, and think about the bigger questions of why I was where I was, and what was getting in the way of that mysterious place I wanted to go. Since working with Wendy, I've taken the plunge and finally decided to leave my former sector behind and in the direction of what excites me more. I have never been more motivated to get up for work than I am now. Life is good.”