Wendy Woods is an informative, engaging and a results oriented keynote. She delivers hard hitting information and tips through unique stories collected over the course of her professional career.  If you are seeking a speaker that will have their audience laughing and learning, then she is your candidate.

Her Keynotes include:

If you’re determined to find a Keynote Presenter with Energizing ideas, who uses the stage not as a podium but as a springboard to inspire and engage⎼⎼keep reading; you’ve arrived.

As a certified adult educator, mindfulness and emotional intelligence coach, Wendy Woods, MBA, blends hard-hitting business acumen with a softer, human touch. A sought-after speaker, Wendy has appeared on television, radio and in print (CTV News, CITY TV, Entertainment Tonight Canada, CBC Radio, USA Today and others). And having worked in financial services, internet publishing, and oil and gas, Wendy has witnessed–and experienced–many of the same challenges as her audience.

Stress, for example, is a workplace fact. Through interactive keynotes, Wendy introduces stress’s arch enemy: laughter⎼⎼and shows us how to harness its power to slay stress, and achieve our potential.

Sometimes we are the enemy; we put up walls that limit our opportunities. Wendy uncovers our self-imposed barriers and helps us address them through fun and liberating networking sessions.

For the greatest return on investment add an Energizer to Wendy’s Keynote presentations or use it as a standalone. Read on for descriptions and proven benefits of Wendy Woods’ Keynotes and Energizers.