Choosing the right coach

Considering Coaching? Hire the Perfect Professional Coach for You

By Wendy Woods
In May 10, 2017

To keep in mind when looking for a coach

The field of coaching is not currently regulated. This means that anyone can call themselves a coach.  What does that mean for you?  Make sure that you hire someone who has coach training, credentials and experience.

When you hire a coach, they facilitate clarity, certainty and creativity so you can find the answers within yourself.  This contrasts with an advisor or consultant who is more directive and gives you the answers. If you don’t fully understand what coaching is, try a demo. Just email me at and we can set something up on by phone or Skype.

What to ask a coach before hiring them

Hiring a coach is a personal and financial investment so you want to make sure you invest wisely.  Here are some questions to ask to find your best fit:

  • What type of clients do you typically work with?
  • What coach training do you have?
  • What certifications do you hold?
  • What results have you achieved with your clients?
  • What professional and ethical guidelines do you follow?

Don’t be shy as any good coach will welcome and be prepared to answer the above questions and more.

Why work with an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach?

You’ll want to consider hiring an ICF certified coach for the following reasons.  To start, you know exactly what you are getting.  Each coach has:

Finally, each coach also agrees to adhere to a code of ethics and regulation. These requirements are designed to protect you and ensure a level of professionalism in coaching.

Of course, there are many excellent coaches out there that may not be ICF certified. However, they may be certified by an accredited coaching school and have extensive experience and training.  Just make sure to do your due diligence so you know exactly what you are getting.

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