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Summer Time & The Living is Easy

By Wendy Woods
In August 23, 2017

It’s one of my favorite Gershwin songs. The lyrics and tempo reflect the slower easier pace of summer.   Its also a perfect time to review, reflect and revise.  Why not do a simple mid year review by asking these 3 questions (yes there is some overlap with my year in review questions):

1. What have I accomplished to date in 2017?
This is an opportunity to acknowledge what you have accomplished and celebrate what you have done. Chances are you have accomplished much more than you remember. Good for you!

2. What lessons have I learned?
Turn missteps or mistakes into learning opportunities. Remember “To err is human” so congratulations on being human. Ask: What could I have done differently? What assumptions could I have investigated before acting? What will I do differently next time?

3. What goals do I still want to accomplish in 2017?
You may find that the following questions helpful in setting you up for success:

  • What needs to happen to reach my goal?
  • What resources do I need to achieve my goal?
  • What metrics will be helpful and tell me I have accomplished my goal?
  • What attitude or outlook do I need to accomplish my goals?

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