Productivity. Every manager wants it, every workplace needs it, and talent grows in leaps and bounds because of it.

So, how difficult is attaining─and sustaining─productivity?

It’s not difficult. provided leaders know how to inspire and engage

Provided your team is resilient and adaptable and able to squash stress

And you understand how Emotional Intelligence brings out the best in you and your team

Watershed can help. We offer:

  • Workshops on leadership, resiliency, stress reduction, mindfulness, networking and emotional intelligence to drive improved productivity & performance
  • Customized, ongoing coaching helps individuals reach and sustain their goals and dreams
  • Keynotes that fuel passion, purpose and potential
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    Emotional Intelligence: Quick Summary

    In April 25, 2017
    Join me for a little over 6 minutes as I summarize Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.). Find out how E.Q. can help you at work.  Also walk away with a strategy to boost your Emotional Self-Awareness, the primary skill for E.Q.
  • Show Yourself Some Self-Compassion

    Hard on Yourself: Try Some Self-Compassion

    In April 10, 2017
    Discover what self-compassion is, why it’s important and experience a brief strategy for cultivating it in this 5 minute free audio. Prefer to read it. Here is what is in the audio. Compassion How often do you find yourself saying “I messed up”, “I should have done better”, “I...
  • Reflect & Renew- Be a Leader in 2017-01

    How Priorities Can Change in an Instant

    In February 21, 2017
    This past Tuesday started off like any other workday. I was on a call with some coaching colleagues and didn’t pay much attention to the fire alarm ringing outside. I have heard it many times without any consequence. I’m not sure what prompted me to do so but I...