Reflect & Renew: Be a Leader in 2017

By Wendy Woods
In December 30, 2016

Are you always looking at the next item on your To Do list never taking time to appreciate your accomplishments? Here is a quick way to recognize your successes and start thinking about your hopes, dreams, and goals for the New Year. Essentially it’s just three simple questions and you are on your way to being a leader in 2017 (whether at work or in your life).

You may also want to do this with your team.  Research indicates that focusing on progress, even if its small, is a critical way to keep your employees engaged.

What were my accomplishments in 2016?
I like to include a full range of accomplishments, both small and large, because all contributed to my year.  Plus reflecting gives me an opportunity to relive the many joys of achieving them.  Here are some examples from my year: Becoming an ICF Certified Coach, developing and nurturing an inspiring and supportive friendship and accountability partnership, and finalizing my leadership program.

What lessons did I learn?
Instead of focusing on my mistakes and mishaps, I look at the valuable lessons of the year.  One lesson is to avoid “shoulds” and follow my gut and passions.

What are my goals for 2017?
This is your chance to think big, dream and be a leader in 2017.  Here are some of my goals and be sure to hold me to these (lol): run my leadership program in 3 different organizations, get back to my 30’s fitness level (ok that’s a rollover from last year) and become the coach of choice for change makers.

If you want professional support or help to be accountable, I would love to work with you.  Please email me at to arrange a complimentary coaching session.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with renewed inspiration, enthusiasm, and joy for 2017.


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